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Hack WeChat messenger online anonymously

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Any device with Internet access is enough to hack a WeChat account. Just enter the target phone number or username to launch the Tracker

WeHacker is the optimal solution for hacking a WeChat account: as a result, the customers is able to authorize into the profile on a new device. The hacking session happens in the background and is completely invisible to the account owner.

By registering an account through the Dashboard, you automatically accept all the Terms of the User Agreement.

WeChat Messenger Spy App
Hack WeChat messenger online anonymously

System Requirements

The app works efficiently and hacks WeChat profiles on iOS and macOS, Windows and Android devices. Launch and monitor active hacking sessions in the Dashboard from any device. The web application is cross-platform, so it can function equally stable on a smartphone, tablet, or PC.


We do not require any personal information from you, using the service preserves your complete privacy. All data is fully protected and stored in encrypted form.

24/7 Support

You can hack a WeChat account at any time of the day or night, the service is fully autonomous, does not require human intervention and works fully automatically.

No prepayment

At the moment, not all WeChat accounts are hackable with our technology. You pay only for the final result. We do not require payment before providing access to a profile.

100% Privacy

The implementation of end-to-end encryption elements is designed to guarantee the security and anonymity of customers at every stage of usage of the service.

How does it work?

Enjoy all the remote WeChat hacking features

To hack the target account, WeHacker exploits a vulnerability in the data transfer protocol used by the platfrom while the account recovery procedure. The software initiates the recovery procedure and then intercepts an SMS message with a verification code. A feature and at the same time weakness of the technology used by WeChat is the scalability of data packages: once the software gets access to one data package of an account, it gets an opportunity to copy the rest of the database. The files are available for both downloading and viewing online. Interacting with the data via the Dashboard is the safest way of tracking.

How does WeHacker work

How to find a free app to hack WeChat

WeHacker, a tracking tool for WeChat, allows you to hack someone else's account without accessing their phone number. There is an affiliate program available in the application. After joining it you will be able to track another person on WeChat. For free remote hacking, just create an affiliate account, and distribute your unique referral link to interested users. For each person who buys the app, you will get affiliate bonuses, which can then be spent for purchasing the online WeChat tracking app.

How it works

The most effective way of hacking WeChat

The WeHacker app is a comprehensive and completely self-sufficient solution. Paying for a hacking session, you get an all-in-one solution without the need for additional settings or purchasing additional services. Pay once and get guaranteed access to the target account with all the content stored in its database without any limitations.

Access to message history

Read another person's correspondence on WeChat

Using WeHacker, you can set up full-scale surveillance of correspondence in a hacked account. The web application includes tools for viewing photos and videos, listening to voice messages and downloading any files to the device. The software provides full control over the history of messages: old messages can be deleted, edited or hidden (in this case, messages will be deleted from the account memory, but will be saved in the WeHacker account memory).

How to read someone´s correspondence on WeChat online
  • 18:33 Hi 🖐 I urgently need your help 
  • 18:33 I have suspicions about my girlfriend's behavior
  • Do you think it's real to read her correspondence?
  • 18:37 It's more than real 😊
  • 18:39 Try https://wehacker.net 👍
  • 18:41 Thank you! 👍 I will definitely try it out tonight.

Data archive is available for download

Offline access to the account database

3 - 50 files 34 files
3 files 50 MB 26, 2024
Important documents.xlsx
12 files 27 MB * 4, 2024
Text messages
36 files 67 MB * 7, 2024

When you activate this feature, the app will download all new information to your device in the background. The same interface is used to navigate through the offline data - it gets downloaded to the device cache and becomes available for use through the browser even if the device is not connected to the Internet.

Hacking software for WeChat

Intercept the verification code

Hacking the password for someone else's WeChat account

The software allows you to track the full history of passwords created in a WeChat account. If the hacked user changes the password, the application will send you a notification indicating the actual changes. An equally important and useful feature is monitoring of verification codes: without such a code, you will not be able to log in the target account.

Restore a WeChat account

Tracking the current location

Set up the location tracking through WeChat

The app is capable of tracking and processing geodata of authorized devices in the account, and then displaying the current location of the hacked user on cross-platform web maps in the WeHacker Dashboard. In addition to coordinates, it also identifies the address of nearby locations and shows the names of establishments, hotels, clubs, etc. (types of displayed locations can be regulated in the Account Settings).

Location of a person via WeChat

Various hacking features in a single online application

How much does it cost to hack WeChat online?

You get an additional discount if you pay for hacking several accounts at once or use the service repeatedly.

24/7 support

One account

Base fare

99 /usd

Top Up
24/7 support

Three accounts

Optimal fare

237 /usd

Top Up
24/7 support

Five accounts

Business fare

345 /usd

Top Up

Customer Reviews

Read about our customers' experience in the Customer Reviews tab

star star star star star5

Yeah, I thought chats on WeChat are fully confidential and securely encrypted, but no... Don't keep important information in messengers, use your own encrypted communication channels. That's my advice.

instagram Instagram
杨思洛 杨
杨思洛 杨
star star star star star5

Of course I always knew that any correspondence can be hacked. What really surprised me was the location tracking. Almost every phone has WeChat installed, which means that almost everyone's movements can be tracked.

facebook Facebook
Chonguk Chon
Chonguk Chon
star star star star star5

You will never really understand the meaning of the word "worry" until you become a parent. Our children think they are adults and often do whatever they want. For better or for worse, at least now I know who they are communicating with.

instagram Instagram
Saske Uchikha
Saske Uchikha
star star star star star5

I use the app to be safe for my parents. They are of an age and I need to protect them from spam and unscrupulous newsletters, WeHacker is perfect for this. Moreover, I can always see where they are at the moment.

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

I received over too much new information, so I really liked and appreciated that the info you get comes very conveniently structured, you can apply different filters and sorting options. For example, you can separately see all payments made through bots, and you can sort them by date or by amount.

facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

My firm's revenues dropped dramatically. After I discovered WeHacker, I found out that an employee had passed information about my business to my competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that can appear while using the software:

In what languages is the application interface available?
The WeHacker app is currently available in most common languages. If the software is not yet available in your language - write to our Support Team, we will try to add it as soon as possible.
Will I be able to delete data about myself and the target user if I want to?
Yes, every WeHacker user has an instant account deletion option. Along with the account, the entire database associated with it gets deleted, including all the data specified during registration, and information about the target user obtained through the software.
How likely is it that the security system of WeChat will be able to detect surveillance and determine my IP address?
WeHacker users do not interact with the WeChat application; access to the target account data is provided through a third-party interface. Thus, the probability that the messenger security system will trace your IP address is zero.
For how long will I get an access to the instruments of the software once I pay for it?
Our pricing model guarantees permanent access to the application's tools after a one-time payment for a package of services.
How long does it take to hack an account and set up surveillance?
Normally it takes no more than 30 minutes to hack a WeChat account. The app will send you a notification when the hack is complete.

We automatically convert payments that are accepted in other currencies.

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Tether accepted

Constant tracking of the hacked accounts
through a single interface

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