Recover forgotten password from WeChat wechat_hacker

Return access to your profile online

WeHacker 3.4 Update: Interception of the verification code

Enter the phone number or username to which the target account is registered:

The app returns access to a Wechat account regardless of the time of the last authorization. With WeHacker, you can also recover deleted correspondence and files from the account database.

By starting the procedure of restoring the access, you automatically agree to all conditions of the User Agreement.

Recover forgotten password from WeChat
How to restore a WeChat account without access to the phone | WeHacker

Restore access to any WeChat profile without access to the linked phone number

Secure web interface

Using a third-party interface to work with hacked account data provides complete security and anonymity. The WeHacker account is compatible with all types of devices. The application does not require access to the target device or installation of any additional software.

Unblock a WeChat account

WeHacker technology can be used for unlocking blocked or banned accounts. The process is identical to that of restoring access. The software hides the information about the ban from the account database, and then the WeChat authorization system identifies the account as safe and verified the next time it is logged in.

Data storage policy

You are the only owner of the information obtained as a result of WeChat account recovery. It is stored in our database in encrypted form, and you can only unlock access to the data by entering your password. Users can delete accounts and all information associated with them at any time.

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Is it possible to delete a WeChat account completely?

Despite the fact that WeChat data storage policy does not provide an opportunity to completely erase information about yourself from the messenger database, it is still possible - you need to use third-party software for this. WeHacker application has such functionality, its team guarantees the complete deletion of the account database from the WeChat platform.

Tracking messages online

Restore deleted messages in WeChat

Using access to a compromised database, the software tracks backups of all chats and then restores any deleted messages in private and group chats at the user's request. Recovering correspondence is available both in the WeHacker interface and in the WeChat message history. The publication period of deleted data does not matter.

  • 18:33 Hi, I really want to see you ...💋 🔥
  • 18:33 Why don't we meet for a coffee? We can figure out a way to spend the evening afterwards.
  • My boyfriend went away for a week on a business trip and now I'm completely free💃🏼
  • 18:37 Honey, I'll call you as soon as I'm free 😊

Authorization on a mobile device

Return lost access to WeChat

Authorization on a mobile device

The software uses the features of the messenger's access recovery system to access the verification code required to sign in to an account. The software then performs authorization on the virtual device, and duplicates the account database in the Dashboard. It also displays the verification codes required to sign in to the account via the WeChat application.

Find out where the user is

Monitoring the geolocation of authorized devices

WeHacker is a reliable solution for tracking the location of lost devices. The app tracks the geodata of the WeChat app installed on them, and then broadcasts it to My Account, where it is displayed on interactive maps in real time. If necessary, you can also close all active WeChat sessions in order to maintain data privacy.

Intercept WeChat's unique QR code

How to restore WeChat and reset password online?

With WeHacker, you can regain access to your account without contacting support and accessing the linked phone number.


Specify the target account

All you need to do is inserting the phone number or username to which the account is registered. The software will then verify that the data entered is correct and confirm that the account can be recovered.


Choose a service package and pay

Services packs provide access to a variety of additional software features. To pay for a suitable package, you can use any of the popular payment systems or platforms.


Wait until the hack is complete

The entire account recovery process takes no longer than 20 minutes. Once it is completed, you need to log in to Dashboard, and then you can start working with the account data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that can appear while using the software:

Let´s suppose I regained access to my WeChat account and then lost it again. Will the software allow me to get the account back a second time?
WeHacker technology allows you to reset your password and request a verification code to log in to the account for an unlimited number of times.
Can I delete all of my account information from the WeHacker database?
App users have full control over their personal data. You can completely erase the information stored on our servers about you and your WeChat account.
How can I track the editing history of old messages through WeHacker?
The application stores information on all edits made to messages. To view the editing history, just highlight the message you are interested in and click View Editing History.
Is it possible to track all authorization sessions to my WeChat account?
In Dashboard, all current login sessions are displayed, including information about the current location of authorized devices, their models, and the last time the application was used.

Constant tracking of the hacked accounts
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