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Update Registering a WeChat account without a phone number

Enter the phone number or the username, to which your WeChat account is registered:

WeHacker technology is a universal solution for account legalization and verification. The software is also able to solve any problems with account registration and verification, you don't need access to a phone number or Chinese banking system.

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How to verify an account in the WeChat app
Third-party software for WeChat account registration | WeHacker

Why do I need any help with verifying my account?

We can distinguish the following scenarios for using the WeHacker online application:

How to register in WeChat out of China

After you create a WeHacker account, the application automatically assigns it a virtual Chinese phone number, which will receive SMS messages with a verification code. In case an additional verification from a registered user is required, the software uses one of the verified WeHacker accounts at our disposal for this purpose.

What to do if your WeChat account is blocked

The WeChat security system often blocks accounts that have not been used for a long time. In order to unblock them, it is enough to use a code from an SMS-message. With the appropriate settings, WeHacker is also able to level out the possibility of blocking in the future - the software will automatically log into the account once a month.

How to open a WeChat Pay wallet

Along with the Chinese phone number application users get their own virtual card of the Chinese bank, which later can be used to deposit and withdraw money from WeChat Pay. For verification the software algorithms will send a transfer with a small amount of money to the created wallet, after confirmation of which the payment account will be ready for use.

How does it work?

How do I use the WeChat confirmation app?

In addition to the main functionality, WeHacker is equipped with a number of additional tools that optimize WeChat account management. For example, the software allows you to recover deleted correspondence, view missing Moments, track another person's correspondence, and much more. Each of these tools will be available to you after you complete the WeChat account remote creation process.

Authorizing into an account without a phone number

To log in to your account later, you must first open the WeHacker Dashboard. The application will display a confirmation code there, which you need to copy into the WeChat interface. From Dashboard you can also manage authorization sessions - close them, identify the models of authorized devices, track their location, etc.

Authorizing into an account without a phone number

Creating and verificating a business account

Creating and verificating a business account

WeHacker is the only third-party software for WeChat that allows you to create any type of business account: subscription based, service, corporate, or mini-application. From the web interface you can manage any of these business accounts: send messages to subscribers, add and delete products, change the description and design of the business profile.

Sign in to multiple WeChat accounts at the same time

Another unique feature provided by the software is the simultaneous authorization and management of multiple WeChat accounts. In total, the web interface allows you to log in to up to 5 accounts at a time. A flexible notification system allows you to set different alerts for each account.

Sign in to multiple WeChat accounts at the same time

How to make a WeChat Pay transfer without Chinese number and card?

WeHacker users receive a virtual phone number and bank card, which can then be used unlimitedly for their own purposes. In order to transfer money to WeChat, just transfer the necessary amount to your WeHacker account, and then specify the WeHacker purse you want to transfer money to the Dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that can appear while using the software:

How can I use a WeHacker virtual phone number?
WeHacker users get a unique Chinese phone number at their complete disposal. The number can be used to register on third-party platforms, receive personal SMS messages, bank alerts, and much more.
Can I withdraw money from WeChat through WeHacker?
To withdraw funds from WeChat Pay wallet, you need to transfer them to the WeChat Wallet indicated in your Dashboard. After that they will be automatically credited to your external account.
What account management features are available in the web interface?
In Dashboard you can manage your correspondence, account, and its database with all the features available in WeChat. In addition, through the web interface, you can restore deleted data, which you can't do through the WeChat application.
How do I sign in to multiple WeChat accounts on one device?
All you need to do is create a WeHacker account. You can open up to 5 WeHacker sessions in one account at a time.
How do I get a WeChat verification code without a phone number?
All sent verification codes for confirming your login to a WeChat account are broadcasted to your WeHacker Dashboard. Just copy it to authorize on any device.

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