Track geolocation via WeChat

Keep track of the movements and stops addresses

WeHacker 3.4 update: Accelerated synchronization with online maps

To start spying, enter the link to the target profile, username or phone number

The application guarantees safe account hacking and tracking of the current location of its owner. Coordinates and address of the current geolocation are streamed to the user interface in real time.

By registering an account through the Dashboard, you automatically accept all the Terms of the User Agreement.

Yan Wang
  • 20:52 Hi, I'm on my way, send a gps location tag
  • 21:04
  • 20:52 Yeah okay, I'll be there soon.
  • 21:04 Great, I'm waiting for you, you're already close.

Tracking geolocation and GPS coordinates

Track the travel history via WeChat in real time

The application is compatible with most popular web map services (Google Maps,, Yahoo Maps, OpenStreetMaps, etc.), and is capable of saving and displaying all tracked geodata offline. You can also export the travel history, the catalog of visited places and other information from the application in the form of CSV tables, which can be imported into any processing systems.

History of movements and visited addresses

Find out where the other person is via WeChat

The software algorithms authenticate into the target Wechat account, and then trigger a continuous stream of geodata to the third-party web interface. The received data is interpreted by the system and displayed as a geotag on interactive web maps. The application identifies the name of the country and city where the tracked device is located, the street name and number of the nearest building, displays the names of establishments and business offices.

Find users nearby

Tracking geotags from private and group chats

People around
Stanislav Shutko

4.24 km from here

Leonid Efremov

8.17 km from here

Marina Ignatyeva

11.25 km from here

All geotags sent and received by the tracked user are collected in a separate Tag Collection that can be displayed on maps using various filters. When viewing a particular geotag, the software shows the address of the nearest building, the time it was created and sent, the text of the message, and the attached files sent with it.

Various tools in one app

How to use WeChat location tool for corporate purposes?

WeHacker technology has been successfully used to track the current location of employees in logistics and delivery companies. The ability to track in real time and accurately display the current location, combined with a secure cross-platform interface, make it a perfect corporate tool: any employee can install such software on their phone. We can increase the limit of simultaneous tracking sessions number for one account after a request sent to the Support Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that can appear while using the software:

How safe is it to use an app to share geodata with family members?
Any way of using WeHacker is absolutely secure. The security system of WeHacker is unable to recognize the tracking and, therefore, compromise its stability or the confidentiality of the data it receives.
How often does WeHacker update device location data?
Location information is transmitted to Dashboard in real time so the data is updated instantly.
Can I export geotags from WeHacker to other map services?
WeHacker interactive maps are mutually compatible with most popular mapping services. Importing geotags from the application is performed without any obstacles.
Is the software able to track the home or work address of the target user?
The app analyzes the movements of the tracked person and, based on information about how long the person has been in certain places, suggests which locations might serve as his or her home or workplace.

Constant tracking of the hacked accounts
through a single interface

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