Online application for remote hacking of a WeChat account on Android wechat_hacker

WeHacker 3.4 update: Automatic update of the message history

Enter the phone number or username that the target account is linked to:

In order to set up surveillance on another person, all you need to do is create a WeHacker account and specify the target WeChat account. The application does not require root access and is compatible with any anti-virus programs. 

By registering an account through the Dashboard, you automatically accept all the Terms of the User Agreement.

Online spy app for hacking and tracking someone´s WeChat account on Android | WeHacker
Online application for remote hacking of a WeChat account on Android

Tool for anonymous WeChat spying on any Android device

Being fully optimized to work on Android devices, the WeChat tracking app is compatible with any smartphones, tablets and computers running on other operating systems. Access to all the tools and features of the WeChat tracking technology is provided in the WeHacker Dashboard. Some of the data is stored in the device's cache, and some of the app's features are available even if it's not connected to the Internet.

Saving the Moments publications content

All publications of the tracked profile are saved in the WeHacker account database. Moments remain available for viewing on an ongoing basis. Users can synchronize the app with their device: in this case, content from publications will be downloaded to the device in the background, for later viewing offline.

Hacking call history and contact list

All information about the calls and contacts of the account is copied from the hacked database. For each call, the time of initiation, the phone numbers of all participants, the duration of the conversation, the messages sent during the conversation are tracked. In addition, you can listen to WeChat calls: the application records the conversation and duplicates it in the Dashboard.

Track other person´s payments on WeChat Pay 

The application provides access to the most sensitive account information - data of the payment platform WeChat Pay. You will know about all purchases, payments and money transfers made by the account owner. WeHacker web interface displays all the payment methods, billing and delivery addresses linked to the account.

How does it work?

How to hack and remotely track someone else's WeChat account from an Android device?

WeHacker Android application establishes anonymous and secure tracking of any account on the platform. Hacking and data monitoring takes place online, correspondence, geolocation and other data of the target account will appear on the screen of your Android smartphone or tablet instantly. WeHacker affiliate program allows you to hack WeChat on Android for free, all you need is to attract new users for the software.

Hack WeChat messages on Android

Read incoming and outgoing messages

You will have access to all chats that the target account owner has ever participated in, including deleted chats. Voice, photo, and video playback tools are integrated into the software. WeHacker users also have access to a notification system, which you can set up to receive notifications only about chats and messages that are important to you.

  • 18:33 Hi, I need your help right now! 🙏🤣
  • 18:33 I need to trace a debtor
  • I know that he has Xiaomi on Android, can you hack it?
  • 18:37 I think it was a rhetorical question 😊

Attached files and media

Account database management

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Text messages
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WeHacker users get full control over the hacked account. All messages (no matter how long ago they were sent) can be edited or deleted. You will be able to change the phone number attached to the account, track payments and attached payment methods in WeChat Pay, block or delete the account.

Authorization data and verification code

Sending messages on behalf of a user

The app displays the full history of hacked WeChat account passwords. Users can track the current authorization data or create new ones. Active login sessions are displayed and can be managed from Dashboard. If you decide to log in the profile through the WeChat app on Android, the verification code you sent will be duplicated in the app´s web interface.

Authorization data

Current location displayed on the map

Permanent device location tracking


The first thing I will say is that the program is great! My son lost his new Android phone on the second day of school so I started asking my friends for any ways to find it. It turned out that we are not the first, nor will we be the last - there are already several parents who faced this problem in our class. We were recommended to check this app, and I have never regretted spending money on it.

Customer Reviews

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秋迪 宋
秋迪 宋
star star star star star5

I keep track of several Android devices that belong to my children. To be precise, it's a tablet and a Galaxy phone. The accuracy of tracking of both devices is excellent. You can monitor both devices on the same map.

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孙宇 孙
孙宇 孙
star star star star star5

I accidentally transferred more money than I needed. I wrote to the Support Service with a request for a refund. The funds were returned within 30 minutes. I am happy with the service, great customer support, I recommend it.

facebook Facebook
Lyusya Li
Lyusya Li
star star star star star5

After forgetting my quite expensive phone on the table at McDonald's, I didn´t hope to find it, but however I googled how to find a lost Android from a computer. Considering the reviews, I decided to go all-in, bought WeHacker, and, surprisingly, found my smartphone that same evening. Bottom line: based on 20 minutes of use, I claim that the app works great)

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Sun Yufeng
Sun Yufeng
star star star star star5

I lost a quite expensive smartphone. I surrendered to the situation and had already stopped thinking about it. Then accidentally discovered WeHacker and found my phone phone at a friend's house. It had just fallen behind the bed!!!🤭 Can´t discribe how happy was I.

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李 李
李 李
star star star star star5

Let me just say a few words. You don't need to install it. That's why it's the best app out there today. It takes you about five minutes to start and saves you a lot of nerves. The result is fantastic 🔥🔥🔥🔥

facebook Facebook
Andrey Dang
Andrey Dang
star star star star star5

I am going to expand my business to China, I wanted to use WeChat to understand how the market and the digital environment are organized there, but the app is very limited for foreigners. I read on the forum good reviews about this software, so I decided to give it a try - somehow I trust apps more than the manual work. I was not disappointed. Thank you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that can appear while using the software:

How do I install WeChat hacking software on my Android device?
WeHacker technology is implemented as a web application, and works equally stably and efficiently on any Android smartphones, tablets or computers, regardless of their system characteristics, Internet speed or screen resolution.
Will I be able to sign in to my WeHacker account on other devices?
You can sign in to your account on an unlimited number of devices, regardless of their model or installed operating system.
Does the application need access to the device memory?
The app will request access to the device memory if you activate Data Synchronization in order to have offline access to the tracked data. Even then, it will only need permission to download files to the device memory, but not to access the files stored there.
How will I know about updates to a tracked account?
WeHacker's notification system allows you to know instantly about any new activity. System, browser, email and SMS notifications are used for this purpose.
Can I hack someone else's WeChat account on Android for free?
Yes, you need to become a member of our Affiliate Program. Each participant receives a unique link, which has to be distributed. After a user who registers using such a link will make a payment, 20% of the payment amount will be credited to your referral account. The funds can be spent for software purchases.

We automatically convert payments that are accepted in other currencies.

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Constant tracking of the hacked accounts
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